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Welcome to the Chamber!
Welcome to the Adirondacks Speculator Chamber of Commerce!
The Adirondaks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce is a New York not-for-profit association that serves as a voice for the region's booming business community. With the support of our 140+ members, we strive to strengthen the local economy, improve quality of life and install greater community pride and spirit. The Chamber serves the Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Piseco, Arietta and Morehouse areas in New York.

We invite you to enjoy our hometown hospitality, and the natural beauty of our Adirondack landscape and waterways, all of which make our area a choice destination, whatever the occasion may be for your visit. Smiling faces are likely to greet you wherever you go in the Speculator Region.


The ARSCC strives to invite industry, education, retail, healthcare, church, city, history, service, tourism and country together in a cohesive unit for the betterment of our community. Together, we continue to make a difference in the Speculator Region.

Come and play in the beautiful Speculator Region! Our scenic Adirondack communities of Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Piseco, Morehouse and Arietta offer a wide variety of opportunities for recreation and relaxation, as well as the kind of "hometown" service and hospitality that will make you come back for more!

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Expect early season riding conditions with water hazards and fallen trees. Your best early season option is to hit Moose River Plains from the end of Cedar River Road. The north end of Perkins Clearing Road is plowed the first 4.7 miles past the Jessup River for logging this winter. But they have stopped plowing from the south end of Perkins Clearing Road, so you can use that as an option to hit Mud Lake Road, Mossy Vly, etc. 

Indian Lake and Speculator village trails have enough snow to ride them and the locals have been out. But you need to be careful and watch for water holes and rocks. The snowmobile clubs and town groomers should be out there packing the trails down and removing fallen hazards.

Stay off the lakes! The ice is dangerously thin and the heavy snow cover will slow down the freezing process.

A few tips:

  • Have your sled in top mechanical condition. Having your ride break down on Day 1 is an awful way to kick off your winter!
  • Remember that you will not be in mid-winter riding form. Take it easy on your first ride and especially easy on the turns.
  • Beware of early season hazards! Chances are that local clubs and municipalities may not have had the chance to complete bridge work or remove fallen trees from autumn and early winter blow downs.
  • Many of the Adirondack snowmobile trails go through wetlands. Expect early season water holes and mud holes, no matter how cold it has been. Deep early season snow cover can prevent mud-holes from fully freezing.

 You can keep abreast of current conditions by monitoring the the Pleasant Riders Facebook page, Town of Lake Pleasant and checking out D.R.A.G.

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